Sterling Battery to Battery power charger 

Sterling's range of Battery to Battery Chargers (B2Bs) has grown significantly over the past few years. This is in an effort to supplement the ever growing demand from the commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle and marine industries. 
Suitable for all modern vehicles including Mercedes Blue Efficiency Sprinters, VW T5 and T6 Blue motion and Fords Econetic Transits 
The B2Bs have become extremely popular as they fast charge batteries as you cruise along without the need for complex wiring, touching your alternator, voiding the alternator's warranty and tampering with the electronic control units (ECUs). 
Features Include: 
Multiple Activation Modes: Automatic for most non vehicle applications 
Manual for remote activation 
Automatic regenerative braking, requiring no ignition feed 

Van LED Lighting  

Exterior LED 

1434 lumens, over 700 lux @ 1 metre. Provide a safe working environment. 80% more efficient than halogen. Multi-voltage (10-32v). Magnetic mounted version available with 12v socket. Waterproof to IP67. 

LED Strip light & switch 

Choice of lighting levels up to 2560 lumens. Over 750 lux @ 1 metre. Integrated switch option. Waterproof to IP66. Robust construction with unique impact deflection design. 

Manouevarable LED 

ECE Regulation 23 approved manoeuvring light/lamp for pre-registration installation. 956 lumens covering over 20m2. Solid aluminium base. Multi-voltage (10-32v). Waterproof to IP67. 

Diesel Heaters  

Webasto Air Top 2000 STC 

The Air Top 2000 STC heater operates quietly while consuming minimal electrical power and fuel. Choose from an installation mounted outside, in the double-floor or inside the vehicle. The integrated altitude sensor constantly ensures an optimal combustion process in altitudes up to 2,200 m – under lower air pressure and with a lower oxygen ratio. 
Compact heaters with proven efficiency 
New and improved technology, e.g. with respect to service life and heat up time 
Easy installation, underfloor or in the interior 
Constant ambient temperature, continuous control 
Manual altitude function possible for Air Top 2000 STC 
Low consumption, quiet operation 
Intelligent Blower Control 
Complete installation kits for fast retrofitting 

Planar 2KW or 4KW heater 

The 2KW PLANAR 2D is the most compact heater model in the production line, it is intended for use in Campervans, motorhomes, crew cabins and work spaces, commercial vans and trucks, as well as boats that are up to 28 feet long. 
The capacity of the PLANAR 2D air heater is between 0.8 kW and 2 kW, and it is capable of heating up 75 m3 of air hourly. It maintains excellent economy and uses between 0.1 litres and 0.24 litres of diesel per hour. They are available in either 12 or 24v version.. 
2 Year Guarantee. 
After sales technical help and telephone support 7 days a week. 
Excellent UK customer service. 
Low power and fuel consumption. 
Space saving installation. 
Simple to operate 

Contact us for a quote 

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